Philander Chase



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Chase expresses his love for his wife and updates her on his endeavors in Washington. Col. Johnson told him that he will begin Chase's bill in the Senate next week.




Col. Johnson, United States Court, Sarah Fenner, Fanny, Judge Cranch, Dr. Keith, Mr. Allen, Mr. Barkly, Mansfield, Mr. Davenport, Barnsville, Senate, Lady of Louis


Washington Mar. 1 1828 11. P.M

My dear wife

I love to tell you all things as I go along. I love to talk with you before going to sleep: I love to think of you more than of any or than of all things under the sun.

After writing you and dear Mary this morning I went and called on Sarah Fenner. She is full of loving kindness for you and Fanny wants to know every thing about you and means one of these days to come and see you.

After finishing my visit to the Fenner’s I went into the United States Court awhile and then came home & dined at Judge Cranch’s. At Table I was happy to hear the best encomiums on our Professor Elect Dr. Keith as the most learned man and the best preacher now extant. Next monday he is to give me an anser [sic]. After dinner which you know takes place so late that we do not finish till nearly sundown I went to drink tea with Col. Johnson and Lady of Louis. Both of them take a deep interest in my affairs: and the Col: thinks he will begin on my Bill in the Senate on monday next. I pray God to guide and assist him!

Coming home I called to see Mr. [Barkly] of Mansfield Ohio and Mr. Davenport of Barnsville Ohio. They are both most friendly to my cause and on monday night will introduce me to many others. So you see we are getting on. At all events we shall know something pro or con next week.

Adieu my Dear Wife! Tomorrow I preach for Mr. E. Allen. Your faithful

Philr. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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