Philander Chase



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Chase discusses an incident at the school and tells his wife that he authorizes Mr. Sparrow to take appropriate measures to resolve it. He assures his wife of his continued love and support.




Henry Dickenson, Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Wells, Mr. Denison, Ohio River, Philander Chase Jr., Mr. Moore, Dudley Chase, Henry Chase, Mary Chase, Mrs. Wells


Sunday even’g 27. Jan. 1828

My Dear Wife:

Mr Wells fears that [Henry] Dickenson will, (before his letter to Mr. Sparrow shall have arrived,) persuade [?] to set off with Alexander on his return home, in which case Mr Wells told me it was his determination to bind him to a trade.

I pity you all most heartily: but tell you plainly that firmness will rise out the storm. Let Henry Dickenson be desired not to come to my house nor to associate with the students. And to prevent them from associating with him beg Mr. Sparrow to keep them close to their studies. Unless Edward is a changed boy tell Mr Sparrow that I shall take it very hard if he be permitted to destroy the peace of the school & with it mine & your happiness. Edward said enough to his Brother by his Mr Sparrows confession to exclude him from the school & you may tell Mr Sparrow that I told you so.

Denison & others heard Edward make his brags that he had told the Old Bishop to his face what Dorman wrote. If Denison’s testimony be correct Edward added the sin of lying to rebellion.

But to have done with this – The wind blows beyond acct and the Ohio River roars like the sea. God grant that you & the Children are all safe notwithstanding the storms which surround you. Mr Dan’l Collier has lent me his horse to ride to Washington Pen’a whence I am to go to the City in the stage. My own horse’s back is very sore.

I have by God’s grace preached twice today – Mr. Moore went to Cross Creek & returned this evening. My clothes will be done by tomorrow eight o’clock & then I shall set off across the river on the ridge road to Wash’n.

Do pray for me and cause the dear Children to join you. Philander’s image is constantly before me. Tell Dudley & Henry to be good and obedient and do all they can to make you happy. As for Mary I know she will never grieve you.

Dear Sarah seems as does her angel mother nearer to me than ever.

To God’s mercy and protection I command you all in my devoutest prayers, thro Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mrs Wells is well & Rebecca sends love.

Ever your faithful and loving

Husband Ph’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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