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Cowburn writes that Mr. Sudkin refuses to publish his own sermon and asks Marriott to meet with him. Miss Ward is married. He also recounts financial information that he has discussed with Mr. Wiggin.


Summer 6-19-1827


Dr. Morris, Lady Ross, Mr. Baury, Bishop Chase, Mr. Sudkin, Mr. Gills, dismantled house, Miss Ward, Mr. Chapman, Ryents’ Park, New York, Connecticut, Magdalen College, Mr. Wiggin, South Carolina


P.S. Thank you for your [introduction] to Dr. Morris which however I return as we are obliged to do something with our Boy before his Holidays.

Dear Sir

I am ashamed of not having earlier returned to you Lady Ross’s excellent letter. How could you trust me with others? Mr. Baury’s is beautiful. The others (Bishop Chase’s) Mrs. C. is reading, & I [will], & [will] take care to return them. It is pleasant to hear of good men in health & activity, for I said that some are taken, too early according to human perceptions, & from situations where the place they fill cannot, according to human sight, be such supplied! God’s will be done!

Mr. Sudkin resists all entreats to publish his own Sermon. He has written to Mr. Gills, but he thinks the only [results] will be the publication of the [Recantation] Service, and same introductory remarks. Could you meet him, say Tuesday [?] a dismantled House, with something to eat, [not] a Dinner, at six oclock, & try to prevail on him to publish? I should beg pardon for such an invitation , & yet if that is so I should not have given it.

I am

Dear sir

Yours [most] [sincerely]

W: Cowburn

Dismantled House

19 June 1827


Dare not add to the weight of the [park], & therefore write here. Miss Ward is married, with the full consent of her Parents, to a Mr. Chapman, of a flourishing mercantile house in the City of London, and is to live in Ryents’ Park, a very sociable spot for those who must be resident within reach of the city. Mr. C. is said to be a very good young man. I have seen him once at their house, and all I observed confirmed the report. Should you not write to congratulate the family? It is not yet determined who should refund the €60 for New York & Connecticut in the first instance. It must ultimately come from the funds gone to America, but it is alleged by Magdalen College that a schedule accompanied the remittance from them, & the consequence of this is that some one, or more of the Bankers must be in fault. Mr. Wiggin has on this account staid his hand as [to] writing to have the money paid in New York. I have had the great satisfaction of sending €321 to S. Carolina as the profits on [Depon].

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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