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Chase is very excited to announce Mr. West's coming to Ohio and hopes that his presence will be very beneficial. He plans to return to Gambier soon when the cornerstone of the College will be laid and asks his wife to meet him in Mt. Vernon.




Mr. Sparrow, Fanny Chase, Lord Kenyon, Duff Macfarlane, Timothy Wiggin, G.W. Marriott, George Montgomery West, Albany, Sandusky, Mt. Vernon, Gambier


Boston May 11. 1827.

Do not communicate the contents of this letter beyond the names of Mr. Sparrow & Fanny till I come. All is as yet uncertainty: in the midst of prosperity let us not forget to look to God for everything

My dear Wife

I have risen this morning at half past 4 to talk to you about our prospects and the time when I may be expected home. These are very much altered for the better by the arrival of a mr West direct (via N.Y.) from England. He came to me night before last and I have been in his company most of the time ever since; and much, very much pleased both with him and his plans. I shd. not however say his plans for they are those which originated with myself and and you, dear Wife; and communicated by letter to Lord Kenyon & Miss Macfarlane. As a Pioneer to the execution of these plans Mr. West comes from his friends in England and Ireland and brings letters of the most satisfactory nature both as it regards his literary moral & religious character. Lord Kenyon Mr Wiggin and Mr Marriott are warm and most decided in his praises: and on acquaintance I am inclined to think them not mistaken.

To keep you no longer in suspense in looking for that which I know will give you pleasure as the capsheaf of God’s crowning mercies to our Institution hitherto so miraculously reared, I tell you plainly that Mr West comes over from England and Ireland as the Representative of a great company of choice persons who are associated together to settle the lands of Kenyon College Ohio, & who are now in those countries waiting his return with a favourable report: with which if they be satisfied there is little doubt but our plan as from the beginning will be carried into full and most perfect execution. It seems by what Mr. Marriott & Lord Kenyon & Mr Wiggin tell me that it is not the design to send a company of poor helpless creatures for us to provide for: but a body of men who will be able to pay for their land and by their industry & means in reserve to secure a degree of comfort unusual in improvident first settlers. They will be such men, moreover as we should wish in aid of our plans of erecting buildings – particularly the Church or chapel Mr. West says they expect to join in building a place of public worship. Besides these men of means Mr W. when he returns to England maybe the means of bring out many faithful labourers who being temperate & Religious might save me much trouble with [the] sinful whiskey drinkers of our own Country. But why do I go thus [letter cut off here] Your own intelligent mind will suggest to you what can be & will be the blessed effects of this plan.

I desire that Mr West should have all the attention from you & and the rest of our Dear family which you can give him as the agent of a most respectable class of people who are turning their thoughts on us. – but particularly on acct. of his being the confidential Friend and representative of my dear Friends in England. Give him your confidence and friendship. And let Dear good Mr Sparrow and Fanny do the same and you will place me well. Mr. W. will go home to N. York thence to Albany & thence to Sandusky. This will bring him to Mt. Vernon before he sees you, and I should not be surprised if when you are reading this Mr West be on the ground at Gambier gaining all information at the fountain head[?]

I shall if God be willing leave this City on Tuesday morning next, stay in N Bedford that night & part of next day. The follow sunday (20 May) be in H. Monday go to N.Y. Thence up to Albany where I shall preach on the 27. Thence to Gambier as fast as I can. What think you meeting me at Mt. Vernon on the 5. of June. Do if you can bring Phr & Mary with you. The corner stone of the College will be laid on the 9. The Trustees will meet on the 8. & Mr. Morse will preach the sermon on the 10 of June. Pray meet me on the 5th at Mt. Vernon

Letter to Sophia Chase



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