Philander Chase



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Chase thanks the Ladies of the newly formed Kenyon Circle for their support and their first donation.




St. Paul's Church, Portland, Kenyon Circle


“To the Ladies of St. Paul’s Church, Portland, friendly to the interests of Kenyon College, Ohio,” associated under the name of “Kenyon Circle,” Portland

Dear Ladies;

I have just had the honour of your most friendly communication of the 26 of April 1827, purporting the formation of your society and its most benevolent design, and including Fifty Dollars as the first fruits of your most praiseworthy industry in aid of the erection of Kenyon College Ohio.

In the name of the Trustees of this Institution, and as if instead of the Ten Thousands whom your beneficence will help to bless I do most heartily thank you: And to this my expression of gratitude I would add the assurance of my very sincere prayers for your temporal and everlasting happiness.

May this instance of well-doing, joined to the many more of which it is the pledge, come up with the Income of [?] as a memorial before God; and, when the Last Day shall have come, may your dear names be found written in the Book of Life.

This is the prayer of one who now & ever entreats your prayers for his unworthy self.

Your faithful, grateful, and humble Friend & Servt.

Philander Chase

Portland, Maine,

At the house of the Rev. Mr. TenBrooks

April 27. 1827.

Letter to the Ladies of St. Paul's Church, Portland



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