Philander Chase



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Chase discusses progress with subscriptions and his plans to travel to Boston.




Philadelphia, Miss Gibbs, Mr. DePeyster, Mr. Jarvis



New York 9th Mar. 1827.

Rev & Dear Friend:

You will perhaps be surprised to see the place of date. The truth was that after the Gen’l Conven’n in Philadelphia I was detained in that City by ill health. This detention gave me time to prepare the means and to devise the ways of making an application, in the Atlantic States, in behalf of our Seminary and College in the west: and I am most happy to state to you that our success has been far greater than was feared. In Philadelphia and in this City together with a few scattering sums the subscriptions amount nearly to $7,000. This great blessing from on High to our infant Zion in the wilderness makes me almost forget the pain of being exiled from my family and the great inconveniences arriving from ill health & the mean jealousies & low intrigues of my enemies. I was happy to hear of your safe arrival in France and of the civilities and kindness shown you by your friends. Those in England are looking for you there with great solicitude. If you should meet any in that blessed land who, because they once befriended me, still think of me with kindness, I entreat that, covering my manifold faults with the mantle of charity, you will still speak, as you always have done, with fraternal tenderness, of one who not only respects but loves you.

I have little hopes of being able to go to Ohio till May. When I do, I trust, in the goodness and mercy of God to be able to commence and go on with our buildings. But the work is so great & means so inadequate that were I not supported by a faith similar to that of Abraham’s I should sink in the tide of anxiety which o’erwhelms me. I greatly need and earnestly entreat your prayers that God would in mercy support me.

I am soon going to Boston whither I have already sent a letter to your Friend Miss Gibbs to assist me.

Our mutual and much esteemed Friend Mr J.F. DePeyster will take charge of this letter and the pamphlet which accompanies it. Whether the latter ever reach you is a doubt in my mind.

Pray mention me most respectfully & kindly to Mrs. Jarvis: and your lovely Daughters. The latter by this time must have grown out of the reach of my fancy.

We have had a winter uncommonly severe in the Northern and middle states: the many inconveniences of which you have escaped. May God protect and bless you & in his good time return you safe to your native country. Your faithful & affectionate Friend & Bro’r. P. Chase

Letter to Rev. Samuel Jarvis



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