Eliza Wiggin



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Eliza expresses her delight in Chases's success in Philadelphia and assures him of her continued friendship and support to his College. She also gives updates on the health and general wellbeing of their English friends.


Winter 3-1-1827


England, Philadelphia, Mr. Norris, Dr. Gaskin, Mr. West, Ohio, Charlotte, Caroline, Ben, Miss Macfarlane, Hastings, Mrs. Marriott, Mrs. Chase


50 Harley St. March 1st


My very dear sir,

I need scarcely say how much I was delighted by your most welcome & kind letter. You have not I assure you, a friend in England more warmly interested in your welfare & that of good cause or more grateful for your kind remembrance than I am. I most sincerely rejoice in your success in Philadelphia & hope many other cities may be induced to follow its example. The goodness of God has been so strongly manifested in your favour that I have myself no doubts that the Church in the West will in the end be most firmly established & use triumphant in spite of these Lions of both [?] who certainly have long since repented showing their teeth. Mr. Norris having said to Dr. Gaskin that he thought very differently now of many things to what he did. You will be sorry to hear the good Doctor had a very serious illness a short time since but is now astonishingly recovered I only hope his recovery may be lasting as there is much to fear from his extreme age. The rapid increase of your scholars [?] delighted us exceedingly & I trust [ere] long the College will be ready for their reception. The plan you sent us of it has been very much admired. We were all very much distressed to hear you had been so unwell but hope long before this reaches you that your health will be perfectly restored.

Mr. West who has kindly undertaken the charge of this letter is a most worthy gentleman & we think he will be of great assistance to you as he not only purposes becoming a minister of the gospel himself but hopes to be the means of of [sic] enduring 2 other gentlemen to follow his example & perhaps some respectable [senter] for your infant colony. He seems to me to have been directed by Providence to Ohio & I most truly wish he may not fail in persuading his friends of the utility of his plans.

I know it will give you great pleasure to hear Papa & Mama are both very well & that Iam so much better as to hope I may not have another return of my troublesome pain. Charlotte is also pretty well though she is far from strong. Catherine & Ben are going on as usual, the former has now left school.

I saw Dear Miss Macfarlane a short time since she is now at the Hastings on a visit to Mrs. Marriott. We spent a few weeks there in Autumn & enjoyed ourselves very much. We saw Mrs. Marriott & her family every day & found them to be a most delightful & amicable persons. Although when I received your last letter I could but recollect we were separated by a mighty ocean, yet I could not help a feeling of delight that you were 600 miles nearer to those friends who love & esteem you so sincerely. How can I sufficiently thank you for your [affecte] notice of me amongst all your cares, I cannot think how I can have deserved such unmerited [favyour] trust now [unwittingly] conclude. Wishing you every blessing both Temporal & Spiritual & also to all your family & praying that the Almighty may long preserve you in this life & in the next grant you ever[las]ting felicity

Your affecti[onate] [English] daughter

Eliza Wiggin

Mama & Papa & the rest of the family smile with me in best love to you & Mrs. Chase.

Letter to Philander Chase



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