Philander Chase



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Chase tells his sister of his successes in Philadelphia, about a group of women who are helping to raise funds by making socks, and about his continuing illness. He plans to go to New York when he is well.




Olivia Sparrow, Bethel, New York, illness, Mary Batchelor


Phil’a. Jan 9. 1827

Dear Sister Rachael,

I will not put off the writing to you a letter another moment. I have long been on the point of doing so – yea so much has it [?] in my head that I should not be surprised if I have already written you; and told you a great part of the things which I mean to tell you in this [?].

As how I came to be retained in this City (where poor Corbett lies buried in some unknown grave; &) where I was taken quite lame; and where that was the means of my devising, I trust by divine aid the plan of obtaining subscriptions for Kenyon College.

You’ll be glad to hear further than this our efforts have been quite successful nearly $2,000 in this City have been collected. All hearts seem to be awakened and are warm and active in the cause. Tell your husband that I thank him for what he enabled you to give: but that he must do some more or he will fall far short of what many a stranger of less property & more children than he, has done.

Besides the above sum of money in hand we have given us in books maps apparatus &c. about $250 worth; so that we have abundant cause to be thankful.

More than all this, Dear Sister, the Ladies of this City (May God bless and aid them!) are making up means to maintain a student in divinity for 10 years. Such as one to be named & appointed by themselves. And how do you think they are contriving to do it? The sum for that purpose being $400 (this defraying all expenses but clothing and books) the Ladies, (being a society for the education of young men for the ministry) have set themselves to work in collecting small sums but way of begging & when that has failed they have all met together at certain hours & many of them have been employed the whole time in making socks out of carpeting and other articles why they sell & put the profits into the Box – which they tell me is now more than half full!!

All I can say of these labours of love is that I bless God I have lived to see them. I know you and [Olivia] and all the Bethel Friends will rejoice with me: & not withhold your sympathy when I tell you of my ill health. I write from a sick chamber: but my sickness is not alarming: I mean in the common [association] of that word: for nothing should alarm which brings us nearer to God. My legs swell and sores break out on my ankles and shins – & when I heal another comes: – these are very painful; so that I am obliged for days to hold my legs up in a chair or to keep in a recumbent posture in order to be at ease. Notwithstanding all this I have been exerting myself to the utmost, in preaching and in going about the City, which by reason of the great kindness of the people begins now to look pleasant enough.

I hope soon to be out again and to go on to New York & commence operations there.

My wife informs me the family in Ohio are well. [Doceas] & Berthas boys do well. Pray where are your darlings? Write to me thro’ Brother D. who well has my constant prayers that God may give him what He (God) knoweth to be a blessing.

Tell Dear Mary Batchelor that she must not cease to love Uncle Philander. Kiss all your precious children for your loving Brother Phi’r. Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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