Dudley Chase



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Dudley reacts to the news of his affairs in Vermont and tells George that he will be home soon when Congress adjourns.




Northfield, Mr. Waldo, Mr. Davis, Congress


City of Washington Ap’l 20th 1826

Dear George

Your letters of the 13. Inst. were rec’d yesterday and gave me great pleasure in their perusal – I feel very sorry for poor Virgil – He has been very unfortunate, and perhaps some in fault in one way or another – at all events, he has certainly not been a [thriftly] manager of my affairs, and it is no doubt made the better way that he should leave the farm. I am much delighted with the [delicate] manner in which you treated him. I hope he will be satisfied, and be more prosperous & happy in future than has yet fallen to his lot.

According to your account my affairs have not been so prosperous at Northfield as I could have wished them to be. [Leaves] Lambs and calves dead & [?]!! However “what can’t be endured must be cured” And I have no doubt but you have take the right way to affect the remedy.

The dry question you ask me, indicates a wounded spirit. Pray don’t put an unfavorable construction on the words I used. “A friendly eye” should “never see such faults up or down stream” “Lower lot” &c &c

If I have a right understanding of the topography of the lots – there is [best] one of them which comes near the E. Branch. The land I had of [?] his West up the hill and next to Abner Waldo’s land which gains on the East and of Jacob Davis’ home farm. But never mind – what you did was intended for the best – The mistake interconnected – and if not, it is no great [?]. On 22nd May Congress will adjourn, [?]. [?] after shall be at home. You will continue I hope to write how you get along with the “Board”

In some hurry I am, Dear George

Friend & Uncle

Dudley Chase

George Chase Esq

Letter to George Chase



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