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Memorandum of a Sale and Bargain


Winter 3-6-1826


Land, William Hogg, Brownsville, Fayette County, Owl Creek, U.S. Military, Mr. Whitney, Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio, Kenyon College, Geo. Hogg, Henry H. Pfeiffer


Memorandum of a Sale and Bargain made and enclosed into this the sixth day of March 1826 -- by & between the Rt. Rev. Philander Chase Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio on the one part & [Wm] Hogg of Brownsville Fayette County Pa of the other part witnesseth.

That the said Wm Hogg hath truly bargained and sold to the sd. Bp: Chase two sections of land, containing eight thousand acres situated on Owl Creek and in the U.S. Military land described as follows [?]. one of which is the 4th section 7th Township and 12th range, the other the [?] section 6th Township and 12th range for the sum of eighteen thousand Dollars payable as follows [?] - $2250 to be paid in hand by way of a Draft on R. M. Witney of Phila: the residue to be paid as follows [?] 4000 on the first of June 1827 to [sether] with the interest on the whole sum due from the date of this article: $4,000 on the first of June 1828 together with one years interest on the remaining sum due; $4,000 to be paid on the first of June 1829 together with one years interest on what may then be due; and the last payment which will be $3,750 on the first of June 1820 together with one year’s interest thereon, the whole of which payment, to be made to Wm. Hogg in Brownsville aforesaid; and it is perfectly understood between the parties to this article; that the land is hereby sold by sd. William for the express purpose of having the Theological Seminary of the Prot. Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio & Kenyon College erected thereon and for that [consedcration] the said William hath made an abatement from [aforemen] proportion on the price of the within mentioned land of nearly 6000 Dollars: it is further understood that should either of the following cases occur then this article to be null & void -- [?] -- should the said Draft on Mr. Whitney not be honoured or should the Convention of the Diocese of Ohio not confirm the scite of the sd. Seminary & College on the within mentioned land then as above stated this article to be null & void. But should those two contingencies be realized it is hereby understood that [as] the payment of the first four thousand Dollars with the payment of the interest & before mentioned on the first of June 1827. 1827 the sd. Wm. is to make & execute a good & sufficient deed for the within mentioned 8,000 acres of land, & t the same time the sd. Bp: Chase is to make & execute a mortgage on sd. Land for the recurring of the balance of the money due.

In testimony of all [?] [?] of the foregoing - the parties here to set [therein] lands and seals, this day and year - first above written.

Philanr. Chase (seal

William Hogg (seal

[?] of

Geo. Hogg

Henry H. Pfeiffer

Rcd. Mar 7. 1826 of Bishop Chase a Draft on R.M. Whitney of Phia. for twenty two hundred and fifty Dollars. Which if paid will be in part of the written mentioned land.

$2,250 Wm. Hogg

(a true but harty copy - P Chase)

Memorandum of a Sale and Bargain



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