Philander Chase



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Chase discusses his plan to go to Washington City to secure funding for the Seminary and College as well as the plan for the school to be placed in Mt. Vernon neighborhood.


Winter 1-26-1826


Mr. Wells, Newark, Washington City, Mt. Vernon, Legislature, Commissioners of Franklin County, Rev. Mr. Hall, Dudley, Zanesville, St. Clair, Rebekkah, Wheeling, Mr. Crosby, England, Mrs. Wells


Zanesville 26 Jan 1826.

Very Dear Nephew

From Newark I wrote a letter to Mr. Wells and asked him to shew it you. This renders it unnecessary for me to tell the story de novo concerning my going to Washington City. You may think it a hazardous & unpromising business. Be it so: my faith in God and a deep sense of duty, however, bear down all objections. Our College so beneficial as it will prove to the public ought to, & I trust will, have support from the state. And if the means which we use to obtain this support be wise and prudent I humbly hope God will bless them with success.

The Public mind seems to be getting more & more favourable inclined towards our plan of locating our Seminary & College in the neighbourhood of Mt. Vernon. Still there is a heavy interest to the South. You see what they have done in getting an [act] of the Legislature authorizing the Commissioners of Franklin County to give the public property & buildings in Franklinton to the Seminary in case it be fixed there. Gen. [Foose] told told [sic] me that amt. to be offered by the County and the [Sulivant] family would exceed $20,000 -- Now Dear Sir I [surely] believe you would join the Rev. Mr. Hall in passing a [subscrition] in favour of the Mt. Vernon [scite] you will exceed that sum in Money labour & Materials. I have written to him on the subject to take all the Reserve into his case in respect & told him that I shd. desire you to take the Eastern & middle part of the state. You will both commense a Missionary tour; & while you are benefiting all by your preaching you will to your [utmost] promote this great object. Pray [?] with Mr. Hall and with me frequently. Put under [love] to Brother Dudley.

I preached in Zanesville last night & shall again do the same duty to night. I shall spend Sunday in St. Clair’s [?] & if the Lord will set off from Wheeling in the accommodation [stage] on Monday morning.

Best love to Dear Rebekkah: hope my loved grand Child is quite recovered.

I am now at Mr. Crosby’s -- Mrs C. and [Mary] beg to be most kindly remembered to you.

Let me, I intreat you, have your constant prayers I feel as I aid when going to Old England as if I leaned on the Divine arm alone for support.

Do mention me to Mr & Mrs Wells in most respectful terms & and let me hear from you or them Every Mail.

Your faithful & affectionate uncle

Phr. Chase

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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