Philander Chase



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Chase is beginning to feel more and more weak. Concerned that Cyrus may be joining the Army. Samuel Lloyd desires to go to Cheshire.




Cyrus; Intrepid Morse; Mary Chase; Mr. Lloyd; Colonel Hitchkock; Mr. Ives; Mr. Lee; Simeon; Almira; Reverend Cornwell; Mrs. Brunson; Mr. Beach


Hart. Sunday evening

Dec. 13 1812

My dear Sons,

I have just come from Church; very much fatigued. I seem to feel my weakness more and more and have taken the Doctor’s advice.

I thank you George for your letter: the news from the Northward was pretty good except that concerning Cyrus. I dare not read that part of Intrepid’s letter in the hearing of his Mother it would render her distracted. Tell [Orin] to write to Cyrus immediately informing that if he prosecutes his design of gain into the Army he will give a wound to the peace of his Mother which nothing can heal and forever alienate the affections of both Mrs. Chase and myself. These very words I wish him to communicate to this same Master Cyrus say.

Your Mother wonders her shawls do not come and insists upon their being sent immediately whether done, or not done; wet, or dry. Let them be well bound up with direction and a letter. Mr. Lloyd begs me to engage a place at Col. Hitchkock; with [Orin] for his son Samuel. Now let it be know to the Col. and family that this said Sam.l Lloyd is as good and peaceable a boy as ever was and that he has let his heart on going to Cheshire and boarding with you or with [Orin]: he is a pretty good Latin Scholar, and more advantage to the Academy and to the teacher than a Tyro.

If Simeon come to Cheshire, you must provide him a good place [?] at Mr. Ives’ Col. Hitchkock’s Mr. Brunson’s Mr. Beach’s with you, or send him to me in Hartford.

Your dear Mother is better than she has been for sometime. Your Grandmother has a bad cold and has not been to Church. Almira has staid at home because of - the reason is too lengthy - I can’t write it. The Rev.d Mr. Cornwell has been with me today and I am much pleased with piety and good sense. Sam.l Lloyd is now waiting for this letter - you must not forget him and his anxiety to go to Cheshire as soon as can be.

Your friends are all well and often mention you with tenderness - Mr. Lee has gone to New York. Now, dear boys! Don’t think that we forget you scarcely a moment passes which does not bring your dear images to our mind in some shape or other. Your prosperity and patient continuance in the ways of well-doing will be ever to your Parents more than meat or drink.

[?] faint and weary - Do forgive [?] scroll - Take no example from it, [b]ut the tenderness which detailed every word. Once more dear boys - Remember my confidence in your Integrity - Remember I live in your good behaviour.

Write me all the news.

Our best respects to Mr. Brunson and best compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Beach. Love to [Orin] - Tell him not to forget his letter and the sentiment which I send him tho. Not in my name. Your mother Grand Mama and Aunt all send their most affectionate love.

P. Chase

Letter to George and Philander Jr.



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