Philander Chase



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Two letters on the same piece of paper. Chase discusses writing his address and insists that his nephew make sure Mr. Wells assists with the councils. Chase writes to Collier about the evening convention and report on the state of the missionary fund. He asks him to send him a letter and updates him on his travel.




Charles Hammond, Mr. Johnstone, Mr. Kellogg, Mr. Wells, Lancaster, Worthington, Missionary Society of Ohio, Shalersville, Chillicothe, Ohio Convention


Zanesville 11. Oct. 1824

Copy to Rev. [J] Morse

Dear Nephew

I need not tell you how disappointed I was at not seeing you. Yet I ought not to say so, for whatever is thus [?] purely by the hand of a kind [Providencer] must be for the best & that ought not to make me feel “disappointed.

I have so many things to say to you that I shall say nothing till I see you personally which will be I trust the week before the Convention where I am to be engaged in writing my address.

Chars. Hammond will be there & Mr. Johnstone & Mr. Kellogg.

Bye the bye why is not Mr. Wells selected to assist our councils at this all important crisis? He must come & you must effect this some how or another. I have mentioned his name all over England, & not to see his name on our minutes & engaged in giving us his advice will disgrace us. Tell him this also, if necessary, all the rest of the good people of your parish, Mr Wells must be with us if God be willing.

We are all well & after some preparations today shall set off tomorrow via Lancaster for Worthington then to take care of the property of the Church & to [rat] up the good things by way of a provision with which God has blessed your loving uncle P. Chase

Copy to [Daniel] [Collier] Eg. -- Zanesville Oct. 11--1824

Dear Sir. At the evening convention there will be an accurate report of the state of our Missionary fund. After what has been said & published concerning the donations alleged to be from the [?] Missionary Society, but which proves to have been designated & given expressly by Mr. [McDonough] to the Missionary Society of Ohio, I have a great desire to give the true statement of the business through the minutes of the Society which will be made out & published immediately after the evening meeting. Will you have the goodness to address to me a letter containing the above desideratum as securely as you can give it after consulting your agent in [Shalersville] or elsewhere. I wish the information to arrive at Chillicothe the before the meeting of the convention on the 3d of Nov.

With the exception of a small accident of breaking a thorough [?]. Which by the bye was [obviated] by the substitution of a Hickory Pole, we all arrived in much peace and safety at Zanesville on Friday last. [?]. Yesterday the praises of God were celebrated fr his great mercy to us amidst a full & very affectionate congregation. Today we prepare & tomorrow God willing, we set off, via Lancaster for Worthington there to subsist our family on the good things with which Divine Providence has blessed our [farm].

The people of Zanesville are alive with the fond expectation of getting the Theo. Seminary fixed near thy town. Wherever the wisdom of the [whoh] shall cause it to be placed they however will be content & rejoice, & to that end they will contribute all they can.

Pray give my best regards to all who shall honor me with [their] kind enquiries.

Ever most faithfully your sincere friend

P. Chase

Letters to Intrepid Morse & Daniel Collier



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