Philander Chase



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Chase tells Lord Gambier of his continued dispute with Bishop Hobart and updates him on his travels to Ohio




Bishop White, Bishop Kemp, Bishop Hobart, Bishop Brownel, Bishop Moore, General Theological Seminary, Ohio Convention, Worthington, Philander Chase Jr.


Kingston, State of N. York

Sept. 15. 1824

My Very Dear Lord

I can not leave the Atlantic for the Western States without reiterating my grateful respects for your Lordship & asking a continuation of your prayers. I received a few days since in a small pamphlet another attack upon me under pretence of answering the letter addressed to the Rt. Hon. Ld. Kenyon. When will this unprecedented persecution cease? All the reflecting & judicious [part] of community of all denominations on this side the water, disapprove of Bp. Hobart’s conduct while in England towards the Ohio cause. Bp. Brownell of Connt. whom I saw at Hartford last week observed to me that the course I had pursued met with approbation not only of himself but all with whom he had convened, & that the Bps were assembled in N. York the other day of whom were the Bps White of PA & Kemp of MD deeply regretted Bp. [Hobart’s] hostilities against me in London. And as it respects my declining to have my Seminary under the direction of the Trustees of the Gen. Theo. Seminary in N. York, he observed that he would not receive a “Branch” if $10,000 were given him with it. He told me I had nothing to do but go right forward as I had begun & fear no harm. I had the pleasure also of meeting with the Rt. Rev. Bp. Moore of VA. To his mind everything had been much misrepresented; but on examination of my plan & prodeed[ings] [he] expressed himself as perfectly satisfied. [?] preached last Sunday in St. Paul’s of [which] Bp. Hobart is the Rector & there by I hope, manifested what I certainly feel not an unforgiving temper. I have been received among my countrymen with great kindness; have completed my little arrangements & am tomorrow to set off for Ohio. It is 700 miles I find by the shortest route to Worthington. This I hope to reach about the 1st of Nov. Our convention is appointed on the 3rd of Nov. at Chillicothe: the Legislature is to meet soon after & I pray God to grant me success. My dear Wife accompanied me to Hartford Connt. where our youngest child about 3 months old was baptized in Ch[urch] by the Bp. of Connt. & named Philander after my dear loved & I hope sainted son.

I beg to be remembered most respectfully to Lady Gambier & am my very dear Lord your Lordship’s most faithful & grateful friend & servant

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Gambier



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