Philander Chase



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Chase tells of his enjoyment of his time in Colchester and all the people there. He demands a meeting with Lord Kenyon before Chase's departure for America on July 10, explaining that he has a favor to ask.




London, England


G.W. Marriott, Timothy Wiggin, Colchester, Manchester, Mr. Hutton, Dr. Gaskin


My very Dear Lord,

I am now at our Mr. Marriott’s; and so much engaged as to have but a very few moments to tell you many thousand most interesting things about my visit to [Colchester], the Blessed [Wards], Dr. Gaskin’s letter coming in the nick of time to produce a large subscription thro’ the warm [exertions] of Mr. Hutton and family and of the many instances of loving kindness of all the people of that city and neighbourhood.

But these especially in detail I must defer till I have the pleasure of seeing your Lordship at Mr. Wiggin’s in Manchester. Indeed my good Lord, there are few things in which your Lordship can oblige one more than by noticing with your [accustomed] kindness this first and among the best of my friends in the cause of Ohio. [Indeed] he is worthy for whom I ask this favour. Pray then let me see Lord Kenyon [in] Mr. Wiggin’s family as his friend as well as mine. This will be among the sweetest of my enjoyments.

Please, W.B. I am to be at Manchester on the 10th July. From that time to the 16, the

day of my sailing for America, I leave with Mr. Wiggin. By dropping him a line you can arrange all things as shall seem best.

I wish I had more time to write a better letter.

I have always room to say that I love you,

Phil. Chase

29 June 1824

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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