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Ward updates Chase on the subscriptions and the efforts of his friends and wishes him well.




Bishop of Salisbury, Exeter, New York, Bp. Hobart, British Critical, British Critic, Ohio, Sir Thomas Acland


Gr. Horkesley

June 30 1824

My very dear Bishop,

I enclose this in a letter to the Bishop of Salisbury requesting him to forward his letters in your favour to Exeter if he has not already done it. We have written to every one who we think likely to favour the cause in and about Exeter. We have some friends among the leading and opulent of Bristol to whom we shall write most warmly. I long to hear of your reception and success there from which I expect great things. I shall not be satisfied with less than £1000 from that Town, and I calculate that your £10000 will be compleat before you embark for N. York.

The subscriptions must go on and when you can tell us that the Christians of Ohio have collected their carpenters and masons and other architectural Artisans, like the [restored] [Jerusalites] round the Temple, you may expect the English [hearts] to open afresh to Ohio, and pour in their second offerings.

We met yesterday to draw up a circular which may do good beyond the Boundaries of this neighbourhood. You may rely upon it the cause shall not languish. Within the compass of 10 miles round the consecrated Tomb of Jones of Maryland.

The [?] will not come forward. I wish from all my heart that they and the British Critic may raise a large fund for Bishop Hobart, but poor dear Man I fear he has leaned on a brother Reed. To the peace and prosperity of the Church of America in [?] comes of the continent I wish prosperity; and [?] I should be to find that the Devil had set his cloven foot on any spot of the Holy Vineyard. Let Ohio be the great Bulwark against his devices, and let the good dear Bishop Chase rear a high wall against which the gates of Hell can never prevail. The wisdom that is from above in first June, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good works, without [partiality] and without [hypocrisy].

Should you meet with any of our Exeter Friends pray tell them we do not forget them and tell them that my Wife and Daughter worship the Devonshire [Sun], tho’ among the first admirers of the Cathedral. Should Sir T. Acland be with you, pray tell him that a friend of yours is perfectly satisfied that the causes of Bibles and Bishops will always succeed in Devonshire so long as he is alive. May the blessing of the Bible and all the Bishops attend him and his, and all the faithful and sincere friends of both.

All here send the dear Bishop of Ohio, their warmest love, [Mary] Ohio a double portion. And no small share most respectfully from your affectionate friend W. Ward

Letter to Philander Chase



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