Robert Dowe



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In a letter apparently addressed to the wrong P. Chase, Mr. Dowe regrets missing P. Chase at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (which Bishop Chase never attended)




Cathcart, England


Scotland, General Assembly


[Good Dr. Dowe is under a mistake here about my being in Scotland & making a speech. It was another Mr. Chase from America. That was noticed in the papers. P Chase]

Manse of Cathcart 31 May 1824

My Dear Sir

It was with great pleasure I received yours of the 22 on the Saturday Evening the 29th after my Return from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland along with my revd. Brother.

It is a curious Circumstance & to be regreted that we sat in the same Hall, during the Dinner given to the Revd. Dr. Chalmers and that on my leaving them at too reasonable an hour before you made your speech, I had not an opportunity of knowing it but some days afterwards by reading the Papers in the Country an account of you and was baffled a second time, by requesting a Friend to enquire of Mr. Seeley & Son what was become of you and which he neglected. I only had his Letter of a late Date, a Mr. Rob. Middlemist Cousin of your worthy Pupil Jane Perey now Mrs. Js. Williams, whom you made to recant or renounce her Catholic Principles after the foolish Conduct of the Nuns & Father Olivier towards her. When I called upon the Book Seallers in Glasgow to whom, you were known, they mentioned that you was gone to London.

I am happy to think that you have so well succeeded in the Object of your Mission & formed so good an Acquaintance with so valuable a Man as Mr. Butterworth, who I have endeavor’d to impress with a favorable Opinion of you, as respects your attachment to the Land of your forefathers as well as a Proof of the Soundness of your Principles respecting the Vagabond Mulatto, who, you gave his freedom, and your faithful Nigress Hannah, whom you gave a Husband, not much bitter, obliged me to Scoure in Prison for you; and which altho’ he was a most ungrateful Servant you acted the part of a good Christian in losing 900 ps. upon him.

I write you a long Letter on this Subject, but which I believe was never transmitted to you nor have I ever heard from you since. Your last was recommending a Dr. Hart to me, who is now practicing at Natchez. It certainly would give me great pleasure to fall in with you before you went to America. I mean to be in Liverpool about the 16th [?] to accompany my two Nieces Mrs. Archibald McCall & here Sister Sally to Beaumaris N. Wales, within 2 Miles of Holyhead where you take your Passage for Ireland. Cd. I see you there & prevail on my Brother to accompany us, two Divines together, it might have a very happy effect and be a great Treat to me; your mutual Conversation & Observations. Write me without delay and insinuate in yours a proposal of the kind. Adieu My Dear Sir.

May God prosper you in all your lausome Undertakings in the Sincere Wish of Your ever faithful friend & humble Servant Robert Dowe

Rt. Revd. Philander Chase

Letter to Philander Chase



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