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Chase has asked Lord Gambier for letters to religious people in Manchester, Liverpool, and Derbyshire. He dined at Mr. Pratt's last night, where a sub-committee for his cause was formed. He hopes to visit Wiggin in Manchester.




London, England


England voyage, Lord Gambier, Mr. Evans, Josiah Pratt, Manchester


To Mr. W. of Manchester

My dear Friend

I have been so long delayed in writing a long letter to Lord gambier in answer to his of yesterday that I have but little time to devote you before the port will cal.

In my letter to Lord G. I subjoined the request which you desire me to make of him for letters to religious characters in Manchester Liverpool and Derbyshire. Concerning the letter I was particular in mentioning the name of Mr. Evans. The letter will go to night and his Lordship will no doubt as soon as convenient return me an answer accompanying it with the letter desired.

Yester[?] I dined at Mr. Pratt’s with about a dozen Church of Engd. Clergymen such as I had never seen before since in Engd. They treated me with great kindness and entered with zeal into the Spirit of my cause. A sub-committee were appointed to take into consideration what were the best methods of serving me, especially as to the selection of the matter which must first come before the public: yet by the word public I do not mean the same at large but only such friends throughout the kingdom as many give hopes of a favourable reception. A public war being the great thing to be avoided; the other channels not muddied by prejudice and hostility will be first sought and in the main pursued. Not that my cause wants means of defense which would put down all assistants by truth and righteousness: but this method is pursued to save the American Ch. the Disgrace of two of her Bishop’s being at variance in a foreign land. And tho’ one has done wrong that they may have the consolation of saying that the other did not even in righteous self-defense follow his example.

The result of the sub-committee shall be made known to you as soon as I know it myself. On the whole I have reason to thank God with my whole heart for the great mercy shewn me: and if I always feel as I do now I shall always have reason to say that it has been good for me that I have been afflicted. Thank God - Thank God.

In all next week I hope to get off for Manchester: and if God should permit me to see you and your dear family again, I shall again be thankful as I have not been elsewhere in Engd.

Do remember me to every soul at Platt Hall. The very sight of the Servants and even the inanimate objects in your peaceful dwelling will give me pleasure.

In great haste

Your fast friend

And grateful Servant

Phil. Chase

Letter to Timothy Wiggin



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