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Reade offers Chase advice on how to garner the most money from potential benefactors.




England voyage, Appeal



Leeds 20. Feb 1824

Rt Revd & Dear Sir.

When you first opened to me the object of your journey to this Country, I must confess, that the impression on my mind was, that America was fully adequate to furnish the funds required for the theological Seminary of Ohio.

This impression was soon removed, when you so feelingly stated to me the infant, uncultivated state of your Diocese: and especially when I read the interesting appeal on behalf of Ohio.

Your mission then assumed a new form; & instead of the rich, soliciting the rich; I viewed it as a Church just rising & inviting the christian assistance of the Old Mother Country. All this is as it should be, the strong helping the weak; & by their bearing one another’s burden see in our humble measure fulfil the law of Christ. The three following consideration suggest themselves powerfully to my mind.

1st. That the object of your wishes, is: the obtaining assistance from British Christians to enable you to establish a Theological Seminary for the Diocese of Ohio; will be principally promoted, from the very circumstance already mentioned, the infant state of that part of America.

2nd. That should you apply any of the sums already subscribed, in consequence of the “Appeal” now so largely in circulation, in aid of the Seminary of New York; it would render the whole of your Mission suspicious; as many might, who are ignorant of the uprightness of your intentions, be led to conclude, that from the first, this two-fold object was intended, altho’ only that of Ohio was made the supplicant.

3rd. That should you be induced to fall in with the proposal of uniting, or dividing the Sums collected, for the two Seminaries, it would impede, nay, more, paralize, your future exertions for the simple interesting Object for Ohio.

With respect to the future founding of the Seminary, I conceive you have done all that Christian prudence & Charity could support.

Whilst you wish it to be under the paternal Care of the existing Bishop of Ohio with respect to infrastructure & internal management; you would place it under the care of all the Bishops as the Guardians of the Faith [?] against the impingements of established Canons, or the introduction of erroneous doctrines.

You will kindly ponder these hearty lines which present themselves to my Mind on this very important subject

With every sentiment of Christian esteem & affection; believe me.

Yours faithfully,

Tho. S. B. Reade

Letter to Philander Chase



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