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"Bishop Chase's answer" detailing why wants to build a school in Ohio for the education of young men, despite the claim that all schools not instituted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America are forbidden unless they are considered "Branch schools"




London, England


England voyage, Protestant Episcopal Church, trustees, Ohio General Theological Seminary, Bishop Hobart, Lord Gambier, New York, Mr. Sherrard, Bishop Bowen, Charles Sigourney, Thomas Osborne


Iver Grove 29 Dec. 1823

My dear Sir,

I cease not to retain you in mind with much esteem and earnestly to wish every success to your endeavor in the Cause which you are engaged in for the benefit of the scatter’d flock in your Diocese and I have often consider’d since you were here, how I might assist you in your pious work? It has occur’d to me that in the statement which you are preparing to bring before the friends of the Church in this Country, that as there are many of then who have prejudices against the Church Missionary Society, that it may be prudent for you not to make mention of the Society, in your address, but if my name as a person who earnestly desires to support and promote the interests of the Church of England can be of any, the least use to our Cause, I beg you will make any use you please of it: however little the name of a Person, so insignificant a Person as I am may avail you. I mention this because when I had the pleasure of your company, here, you may remember I rather advised very differently.

It has been suggested to me that if you could procure a recommendation of your Cause to the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford it might be of great use—I have no acquaintance with the Vice Chancellors of either of them, but perhaps in the course of the ensuing month when many of the friends of Religion come to London from their country residences we may find some one of them that would assist you. Perhaps Mr. Pratt would give you his opinion in this point—although it would be desirable to keep the [?] Society out of sight in this Case.

If you should be inclined to pass any time out of London I shall be happy if you would favor me with the pleasure of your company here as I shall be stationary all the next month.

I remain My dear Sir with [?] and esteem

Your sincere

humble friend


Letter to Lord Gambier



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