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England voyage, money; college


Puttenham of Guilford

11 Dex. 1823

My dear Sir,

In the course of the conversations which I had the pleasure of holding with you on the object of your visit to this Country, I observed to you that it was the opinion of some persons, that we had in this land so many claims upon the Benevolent and Charitable to support our numerous religious and other Institutions, that it was not to be expected that we should be called upon to contribute towards the necessities of other Countries. I must candidly confess that I was of this opinion, but, upon further reflection and consideration of the subject, I must retract that opinion, and declare, that I think it is, not only the duty of every individual among us, by every means in our power to promote the spreading of Divine Truth and the blessed Gospel of Salvation through the world, but also, that every sincere Believer will, upon due consideration of the subject, be disposed to contribute towards the wants and necessities of those in foreign lands, not of our own Nations, who are perishing for the lack of knowledge and the benefits of the ordinances of God, for it must nut be forgotten that all Christians , of every kindred and nation upon Earth, have one common Saviour—one Lord—one faith, one baptism—one God and Father of us all—ought there then to be any distinction of nation or people in the Church of Christ?—without entering into any further arguments or considerations on the subject, I must declare my full conviction, that, circumstanced as are the widely scattered people of your extensive Diocese and the great want they are in of Pastors and Teachers, your plan for the education and training of young men, natives of Ohio, for the Ministry in the Episcopal Church, must be generously approved, and your zealous, disinterested and pious exertions in coming to this Country for assistance towards the establishing the proposed College, will, I hope prove successfull, and that the blessing of our gracious Lord will be shed abundantly upon your pious labours to promote the extension of the Redeemer’s Kingdom through the world. I remain thy dear Sir with sincere regard and great esteem. Your faithfull and most humble friend and Servant,


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