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Philander updates Laura on Henry's marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's move into the Cottage, his health, his touring, and the hiring of new employees.




Simeon Chase, Dudley Chase, Alice Chase, Rachel Denison, Henry Chase, Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, Janette, Quincey, Rushville, Jubilee College, Philander Chase Jr., Cottage, Mary Chase, Mr. Flint, religion



Jubilee College Nov’r 7

My dear Laura

Indeed I shall always think of you and love you my sweetest Grand Daughter!

How pleased I was to read your last of the 28 [?].

All our friends are [well] Simeon - Dudley Alice and (I wish I could add also dear Sister Rachael! -- I have written to James W. to come right home & see his mother and get her blessing. -- If he can’t come immediately to write and say how he loves his Mother…

You remember the twin Sisters of Mrs Chase’s brother: and perhaps you recollect that my Son Henry married one of them. The other Janette was married yesterday by myself in Jubilee Chapel. The day was rainy: and quite unpleasant walking: yet the congregation was quite full. It was Communion day also and all things seemed so holy [that] but few could feel unmoved at the whole Services. The older I grow and the oftener I repeat the offices of our primitive Ch’h the better I am pleased with and edified by them. I would not return to the meagre & [?] ceremonies - (if the extemporaneous effusion of the Dissenters deserve the name of Ceremonies) - for any consideration. Exclusive of the superiority of the Church [imprint] of her [Classics] to a divine origin (which are acknowledged by all who examine them fairly)) the prayer book holds a proud pre-eminence above all other ways of worship. It obtains the admiration of her friends and the envy of all her enemies.

But all this you know better than I tell you. Mr Mrs [sic] Bennet will live at the Cottage this winter. They have apartments prepared for their accommodation. He (Mr B) is a good man & very useful in the [store].

My own health is better than before I was sick in Oc’r. I have made one Episcopal tour to Quincey and [Rushville] and other places since I wrote you. The Church (where there are any stated services) is in a flourishing state.

[?] increase at home: We have now nearly twenty hired persons on the Hill all of whom I have to direct. & pay too. What shall I do? - Depend on divine Mercy as I have done! - Dear Laura! - May God support your aged Grand Father for Christ’s sake.

Do make my most affectionate regards to your dear mother & sister & brother in law, Mr Flint. Mary & your Aunt and the Sarahs are well & beg to be remembered to you.

Philander is studying hard & likes his Mathematical Teacher very much.

And now Farewell dear Laura

May God bless & comfort you & give you a sound & prudent mind for Jesus sake so prays your loving G. Father

Letter to Laura Chase



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