Philander Chase



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Philander Chase praises the Church of England and the Englishmen he has met.




Philander Chase, Reminiscences, Church of England


St. A’s Rectory B N.Y.

Aug’t 29 1842

Rt. Rev. & Dr Bishop

I have just laid down the 3. & 4th No’s of your Reminicensces: and cannot refrain from thakning you for concealing such a packet: or rather for breaking such an alabaster box of precious ointment.

“The whole house is filled with the odour of the ointment.”

I do not allude to any unhappy differences of opinion which incidentally appear, but simply to the Revelation of English Character, English Churchmanship which is therein made.

It is true I am struck with the finger of God which manifest in every page: and, allow me to say, impressed anew with the resources of heart & mind which I see so severely taxed. I am in love, as I never was before, with the English: and venerate names which before passed my mind with very scanty associations of respect; and I grieve to think that a Gambier & a Marriott are to be no more on Earth. Dear Bishop I thank you from my heart & with my dear Wife & family am most cordially & reverentially your humble Friend


Now Dr Mr Editor, by inserting this communication in your useful miscellany you will much oblige your old Ohioan Friend Phi’r Chase

one of Ohio [now] Illinois

however, were thought too magnanimous too greatly benevolent, to be fully credited in this naughty world; so, that, in this matter, I must need a, for a time, like [Braue] in his acc’t of the discovery of the source of the Nile be content to be discredited; and for the same reason; because of the minuteness as well as importance of the details. In this way I have suffered and in this way have the English worthies who friended me been deprived of a tribute of praise & grateful remembrance which is justly due to them from the American Church.

To remedy this evil was one motive for publishing my “Reminiscences.” The Original writings which I had in my possession when brought to light would I well knew dispel the clouds which counter statements had spread around my path.

My labours and my sufferings from another and unexpected quarter had well nigh defeated all: till at length God hath enabled me, amidst countless difficulties to bring my work to the end of the 4th no. embracing the whole of my first visit to England: and the same found its way to the Atlantic States: and happy amid to find has fully answered my first design.

It has removed the veil which envy & disappointment had woven, to cover the fair beauties of our Alma Mater the venerable Church of England.

That I am not mistaken in this view of things and that the English may know full well in what light their good deeds are held by all in America who read the work alluded to, I send you an extract from a letter which I have just re'd from a Rev DD & Rector of one of the most respectable churches in New York.

Letter to the Editors of the Church of England Magazine



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