Philander Chase



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Philander Chase promises that he wants to come home, but that he must continue fundraising the next amount.




Jubilee College, Philadelphia, fundraising


Philadelphia 14 July 1840

My dearest Brother:

Don’t blame me for not coming to see you sooner: for I am not under my own control: Duty points out the way I should go and the grace of God only enables me to pursue it.

Every city I come to places that before me, which I did not expect. “You must,” say they, “tell your story here and in every Church. If nothing from the extreme difficulty of the times, be given to your glorious object now, our heads will be informed of the [?], and our hearts warmed with drive to give you some future day: We promise you to remember your noble work, and as it progresses you shall find us willing and ready to assist you in completing it.

My anxiety to be home is a pledge that I will be with you before long: but when that will be I cannot now say. I must stay a little longer in Phil[adelphia]. Perhaps till I shall have completed a Professorship to be named after this city of brotherly love. Of [?] necessary for this subject, I got the promise this morning of the one sixth [?] $1,666 66/100. If successful, one week or a fortnight spent in Summit will have been well employed. I hope for your prayers that I may have a steady eye to the glory of God in all I do in this great matter; and that all may be ordered so as to promote the salvation of the soul of men. We are now, both of us, very near the period when our course will be finished and our trial over. May we so pass the remainder of our lives as this faith in Christ’s atonement will secure the salvation of our souls.

Do give my best love to Sister Olivia and to all the other dear ones in Bethel Royalton and Randolph

Ever your loving brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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