Philander Chase



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Philander Chase thanks Mrs. Charlotte Marriott and her daughter for their financial contribution and tells about his journey to Charleston, South Carolina.




Jubilee College, Illinois, South Carolina, fundraising


Petersburg [Virginia] United States

June 10th of June 1840

My dear Madam.

Yesterday on my arrival at this place your kind letter announcing your very generous present to my dear wife and your worthy cousin of fifty pounds (and on the opposite leaf that of Twenty pounds from your dear Daughter Ellen making the sum of 70:00:00 pounds) was just into my hands. In her name and on behalf of her children, whom this munificent gift will at this critical juncture of our affairs most materially benefit I do now most heartily thank you and your truly Christian daughter.

The letter above mentioned came under cover of one from Edward D. Ingraham Esq which was (is) dated June 7th 1840 Philadelphia - kindly intimating that he would lend his aid in completing a draft on yourself for any amount. For this I shall write that gentleman a letter of sincere thanks as soon as my many cares in this place will allow.

I would send [the] letters above mentioned immediately to my dear wife that she might immediately reply to them in her own good way but for the obvious necessity of keeping the originals to authorise me in making out the Draft. I shall therefore have to copy them for her inspection (for they are too good to keep from her) and this will take time to me now so precious having everything to do in so short a period in every place I visit.

I left home (the Robins Nest, Jubilee college, Illinois) last November. I descended the Mississippi River 15 hundred miles: went tho the Mexican gulph [around] the south point of Florida and landed at Charleston South Carolina in the month of February.

In that City and in Savannah, Georgia, and neighboring towns and in Wilmington N. Carolina and Norfolk in Virginia have I spent my time since the period of my leaving Illinois.

My success in raising funds for Jubilee college has been truly encouraging - tho the work costs me more time and pains than I expected. When I shall be able to return to my beloved home and see my plans for the benefit of my people in the wilderness attended with complete success, I know not. I have now obtained a subscription of nearly $20.000 about 4000 pounds of your money. It must be ten thousand pounds before the College can be adequate to the great work of keeping religion and learning from extinction in the west and far west of America.

Earnestly soliciting a further correspondence with you and your beloved Daughter. I am very [Dear] Madam

Your faithful friend and gratified

And grateful Relation

P. Chase

Bp of Ill:

Mrs. Charlotte Marriott

Wrote to the care of James [F] De [Peysten] Esq: N. York

Letter to Mrs. Charlotte Marriott



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