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Philander Chase writes his brother to inform him that Dudley Jr. has arrived in Illinois and that he and his family are all healthy.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, Dudley Chase Jr., family


Robinsnest Dec’r 10 1837.

Dear Brother: The deep interest you have manifested in the welfare of my good Son, your namesake prompts me to give you early intelligence of his arrival here in the beginning of last week. From the account he gives me of the state of his health on resuming his studies in Washington College I am convinced that his determination to leave that seminary and the sedentary mode of life he was obliged to lead there for scenes of more activity was wise, & perhaps the only means of restoring him to his usual health and spirits. Most thankful am I that his long journey was attended with no material injury and that he has seen many who love him & who have treated him with great kindness. Among these are my good Friend Paul Beck of Philadelphia and our own loved nephew and his interesting family the Rev. Mr. Morse of Steubenville & his neice[sic] my dear Grand Daughter Mary Chase the Daughter of one whom you so much loved one departed Philander, Dudley speaking in terms of great praise. How this affects me who has shed so many tears over the memory of so much excellence in that dear youth her Father you may judge. That I live to hear such things of Philander’s Child is the wonder. How unworthy am I of such mercy!

The prospect is that D. will stay with us through this winter and until the navigation of the river will allow his return to Hartford. This period of time I trust will not be spent in idleness, ubt be devoted to as much study as the health of my son will admit. I shall urge much exercise on horseback: and the manual labours of domestic cares will be a part among the means of [helping] him in health. Our family being numerous and very cheerful his mind will be kept from indulging in melancholy: and so all being crowned with a blessing from on high I trust you tender solitude in his favour will be gratified.

As to my own health I have reason to be truly grateful that it was seldom better. My Dear Wife also, whom on account of her great respect for your character I wish you could see is quite well. Our three Children Henry Mary & Philander the 3’d are also in good spirits and attending their school with great assiduity. By the time the winter closes we trust the Rev Mr Sam’l Chase who teaches them will have the satisfaction of having been the means of their great improvement.

Mrs. Russell our loved Neice[sic] is still with us & as much engaged in the promotion of the general happiness of the family and of her two lovely grand Children as you can well imagine.

Your loving Brother

Philander Chase

The Hon’l D. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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