Dudley Chase



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Dudley has arrived in Hartford, Philander is away from home. Dudley spoke to George's mother about the "french-new-york plan".




Hartford, CN


Dudley Chase, George Chase, Philander Chase, Hartford CN


Hartford March 17th 1817

Dear George,

I arrived here last evening a little after 12 o’clock — had a very easy & pleasant ride, considering it was so late in the night. The stage for Winsor & Hanover was gone; and, as you predicted, I shall be obliged to suspend my homeward march ‘till Thursday next. I learn that there is no communication from [Worcester] to Keene by Stage; of course it would be unadvisable [sic] to take the latter place & Sutton in my way to Vermont.

I this morning called on your father, — they live with Mrs. Adams, and are all in good health. Sheldon & Cyrus bond with your mother. Your father has been gone a fortnight to day, and has not been heard from since his departure. He prepared to take Buffalow & Albany in his way to Ohio, or rather, to the [Wentward], being wholly undetermined in what part of those extensive requiem he should make his faith. A letter is expected from him on Saturday next.

I have [conversed inform] the French-New-York plan with your Mother — she approves of the object but hesitates about the means — she will write to you & explain her views as to the propriety of the measure.

Cyrus is still here and on an unsettled condition, but excellent hopes and spirits.

Why have I humbled you with this letter?

Your goodness & love must furnish favorable reply.

Yours forever,

D. Chase

Mr. George Chase

Letter to George Chase



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