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The Archbishop of Tuam, surprised by Chase's request of men for his mission, regrets that he cannot provide Chase with the support he requested.




mission, Ireland


The Palace of Tuam

Nov: 21: 1835

My Lord Bishop

Your Lordships letter has taken me somewhat by surprise; I did not anticipate the proposition it contains, and while I would most hastily desire to promote, as far as it is in my power, your pious object, I can not yet see my way in accomplishing what you seek at my [hands] - at present I know of no [qualified] person for the Mission to which you would invite such - under any circumstances I am sure it will be requisite, that the nature of the service required, and the provision which may be expected shall be clearly defined.

I will make enquiry whether such men as you require, are likely to present themselves, and if I can be useful to you in this way it will afford me much comfort and satisfaction.

The Lords [grace] be with you - Amen

your Lordships faithful friend and Brother in Christ Jesus

P[???] Tuam [?]

Letter to Philander Chase



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