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Harford tells Chase that he would like to see him but will be unable to support the Illinois Diocese because he is currently involved in supporting the church in Ireland.




Irish Protestant Church, Diocese of Illinois, Mr. Richmond


Boston, Nov’r 13th, 1835

My dear Bishop Chase

Be assured that Mrs Harford and I have ever cherished most sincere & cordial sentiments of Christian regard towards you ever since the pleasant period to which you so kindly allude, of our first acquaintance, to hear therefore that you are well, that you have again buckled on your armor, and are engaged in promoting an important [extension] work of Christian beneficence affords us particular pleasure. Should any thing bring you into our neighborhood we shall be very glad to welcome you under our roof. As respects however the object of your printed statement, I am bound in candor to say that I think you will find it very difficult a second time to be the successful promoter in England of a new scheme for a College &c &c on the other side of the Atlantic. But I am withheld by another consideration from holding out to you any prospect of being able to render you any effectual service in this neighborhood, the distressed and suffering condition of the Clergy of the Irish Protestant Church which will at present, I fear, absorb any funds which under different circumstances might have flowed into foreign channels. I say not this to discourage you. I cordially wish you success but I feel bound in candor to state at once that though we shall be truly happy to see you as a friend, I cannot take up among my friends the Illinois College or do more than offer you a trifle myself. Mrs Harfort writes with me in kind regards & best wishes, & believe me,

My dear Bishop Chase

Most sincerely yours

I Harford

I was very glad to hear from M Richmond. I must not forget to add that your letter would have been answered much sooner but I was absent on a tour when it reached [Bristol], and it has since been forwarded to care in [?]

Letter to Philander Chase



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