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Tan postcard with printed purple postcard lines. Includes handwritten address to J. Rosenblum from Shw. Berek and handwritten message.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

"Censored postcard from Litzmannstadt Ghetto prisoner to Jewish resident of Warsaw with red lined censor markings and hand- stamped ""INHALT UNZULASSIG"" meaning that some of the contents were inadmissible. Hence this postcard not sent.

Dear Parents and Grandparents, We received your letter dear father and the card -- On the first I shall give you an answer to the card that you sent. I am sorry that I cannot take care of the package that Regine sent. I have some debts now since I took shoes to the shoemaker. That is the way it is where you have limited funds. However that is not all of it. Regine wrote to me that she will receive money from you. I understand how difficult it is to pay for that and it concerns me -- You wrote how much Regine demands. I do not know if that is too much or not. Here people pay the price if they can afford it. My dear ones, please do not be angry with me but I will do my best to take care of it. Dear Father, you asked if I wear the hat that was sent to me. Of course, I wear it. I pray to God that I can return it to mother some time. I laughed when I saw the furs. I am not that crazy yet that I should wear a coat like that. I need a wide one and had to make it but I cannot write why. It is very cold now and it will keep me warmer. [Something stated here is not legible or understandable.] I can imagine how cold it is where you are. In my home it is as cold indoors as outside. We have a lot of frost -- The little wife has not visited us since last winter. I shall write another card to her now. Mina.


4 x 5 3/4"


Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Litzmannstadt, Ghetto, Stamp, Shw. Berek, J. Rosenblum



Litzmannstadt Ghetto Postcard Returned Due to Inadmissible Contents



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