"Deutsche Reichspost. Postkarte." To Herrn E. Zibell Kaufmann


Front: White postcard with an illustration of the hotel on top. Includes a boot coming out of the hotel and kicking a cariacturized Jewish man in pinstripe pants out onto the street, his bag opening and his belongings falling out in the process. In the lower lefthand corner is an illustration of a statue. A message is written in messy handwriting next to the statue, and across the rest of the postcard.

Back: Green postcard lines filled in with an address in pencil. Green 5 cent stamp in upper right corner, with a black Frankfurt circular handstamp over it. Another black hand stamp in lower left corner.

The Frankfurt Hotel "Kölner Hof" barred Jews since 1895 and advertised itself as the "only Jew-free hotel" in the city.