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Grey cover with Nazi eagled titled, "Deutsches Reich Fremdenpass. Interior includes a black and white photograph of, and various biographical information about Bernard Fenster.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: German Fremdenpass marked by gray color and black line and gold blocking, distinguishing it from other similar documents. A Fremdenpass is a German passport issued to certain residents of German protectorates who do not have nationality and are not able to qualify for German citizenship-in this case possibly because he was born in the Ukraine- without possessing skills deemed important to the Germans. Bernard Fenster’s Fremdenpass was issued in Vienna in July 1939, with an expiration date one year later, showing his stateless nationality and profession. Various handstamps including one Swedish adhesive revenue, and an Immigration visa signed by William P. Snow, American Vice- Consul in Stockholm, Sweden.


4 x 6''


Fremdenpass, Reich Seal, Alien, Passport, Vienna, propaganda, Sweden, United States, Bernard Fenster



German State Visitors Pass



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