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Green cover with Weimar Eagle and large blue stamp of the Star of David. Titled, "Deutsches Reich Dientstpass. Interior includes various biographical information about and black and white photographs of Ernst and Freda Borhardt.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A Dienstpass, or Service Passport, doctored with Third Reich embellishments to make it appear to be of the era. The informed eye will note the following: a) a Jewish Star of David on the cover and a red “J” on p.1, the latter required only after October,1938; b) the cover itself with the Weimar Republic eagle rather than the Third Reich Eagle and swastika; c) “Sara”, the required name for a Jew after 1938, also on page 1; d) the obvious date changes from 1928 to 1938 on p.2 and p.4; e)Hebrew script stamp p.3; f)Hungarian and Belgian visas and stamp, and the “Prussian Department of the Interior” stamp are from Weimar era, not from that of Third Reich; g) “SS” stamps incorrect. All made to appear like a Nazi era passport to dupe the unsuspecting collector, an example of what Alex Tulkoff calls “counterfeiting the Holocaust”; i.e., profiting from the anguish of this period of history. One hopes the Borchardts did not return to Germany after 1928.


6 1/2 x 4 1/2''


Star of David, Dientpass, Freda Borhardt, Ernst Borhardt

Weimar Dienstpass for Ernst and Freda Borchardt with Forged Third Reich Anachronisms



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