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Notice, Legal and Envelope





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Brown envelope with printed and typewritten information and a typewritten letter on a half sheet of paper.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: An assemblage of three documents (2012.1.19-.21), the first a document from Karlsruhe from the General Prosecutor to Bernard Koch, whose son wishes to marry an Aryan woman, but whose name suggests that he might be Jewish. In part: "... Your son Justice Inspector Heinrich Koch, needs to attest that his bride and her parents have German blood and ancestry. He will have to bring in the marriage certificates of the bride's parents as well as a birth certificate for her grandmotehr (Maria Elisabetha Detsel). I will send back the document of compliance which I will receive from the unit doctor as well as the declaration of Oscar Krebs [Maria's father] from 20.5.1943." This set includes an original cover with SS stamp, Maria Elisabetha Detzel's birth certificate -- stating that she was borin in 1868 in Bacharach -- and a document from the aforementioned Oscar Krebs stating that he agrees that his daughter will marry Koch.


envelope: 5 x 7"; notice: 6 x 8"


General prosecutor, highest german court, Karlsruhe, Reich seal, Bernhard Koch



Request From German General Prosecutor to Bernard Koch Requesting Proof that Finacée is not Jewish



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