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Front: Identification card with stapled black and white photograph of a young girl crossed out in blue ink and large yellow Star of David. Titled, "Oficiul Judetean Al Evreilor Cernăuţi Carte de identitate."Back: Printed and written text including identification number 39939.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: This identity document shows 11 year old Romanian student Janet Kornreich, who lived in Cernauti in Northern Bukovina, and includes signatures and seals from 1941, 1942 and 1943. Almost the entire Jewish community of northern Bucovina was destroyed by the deportations to the death camps over the Dniester river. The ultimate fate of Janette Kornreich , is unknown. While she may have been swallowed up in the nightmare that was Transnistria, there is a hopeful hint of a different outcome in her record at Yad Vashem: Janet’s parents had converted to Christianity (she is on a list of converts) and Janette therefore may have been spared the fate of other Jews. As well her ID is signed for 1943 when the very worst aspects of the murderous treatment of the Jews in Transnistrian slave labor camps were beginning to abate, and she may have survived.


3 x 5"


Star of David, Bucovina, Romania, Ukraine, Suceava, Ion Antonescu, Janette Kornreich


Concentration, Filderman

Identity Card for Janette Kornreich, from Bukovnia:



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