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Front: Two photos of Jewish refugees aboard the Exodus 1947.Text on top of image, 'NY580-9/9 - Luebeck-Kuecknitz, Germany - Shown at Poppendorf camp today (9/9) where they were brought for screening are Jewish refugees who were returned to Germany after unsuccessful attemt to enter Palestine aboard the Exodus 1947. (L) Old men read their bibles. (R) An old woman, on the verge of tears, sits ont he edge of her bed. ACME RADIOPHOTO via TELE PHOTO'. Back: Handwritten notes in red and a blue 'REF DEPT 9-26-47' hand stamp. Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Aliya Bet: Exodus 1947. Of the 250,000 Jews confined to DP Camps after the war, most wanted to make their way to Palestine. However, any immigration was impeded by the quotas set by the British under the Mandate. The ship Exodus 1947 became a symbol of the Aliya Bet, or illegal immigration, which only increased when British authorities would prevent ships from landing in Palestine and would send them back to their respective ports of embarkation. The Exodus sailed from France on July 11, 1947 with 4515 immigrants, including 655 children on board. British destroyers accompanied the ship as soon as it left France, and on July 18, near the coast of Palestine, the Exodus was rammed and boarded. The immigrants put up a fight: 2 passengers and 1 crewman were killed and 30 were wounded. The Exodus was towed to Haifa, where the immigrants were forced onto ships bound for France. They refused to disembark the ship for 24 days despite heat, crowding, shortage of food, amd miserable sanitary conditions. Eventually the British decided to return the passengers to Germany to the British occupation zone and from there transported to two DP camps. Aliya Bet ships like Exodus 1947 and the illegal immigrant ship Theodore Herzl, whose banner read "The Germans destroyed our families...Don't you destroy our hopes," were instrumental in changing public opinion, and ultimately British policy in Palestine. Illegal immigrants were no longer sent back to Eurpoe, but sent instead to DP centers in Cyprus, awaiting settlement in Palestine.


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Aliya Bet, Aliyah, Exodus, refugee

Exodus Refugees at Poppendorf Camp



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