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Front: Photo of Petain seated, in uniform; paragraph of text reads,'NY9-June 30) Petain's Friend Named in Plot -- A former officer and friend of former Marshal Henri Philippe Petain (above) was named as the "soul of the plot" to overthrow the French Republic in a report today by the government-operated news agency, Agence Francaise de Presse. This photo of Petain was made during his trial in July, 1945. (See Wire Story) (APWirephoto) gww20940fls)1947. Back: Hand stamp date 'JUN 30 1947'.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Henri Philippe Petain had been considered a hero of World War I as commander of the French army and hero of Verdun. He was Marshal of France and head of the unoccupied Vichy French government after the German conquest of France in June 1940. Petain and Prime Minister Pierre Laval collaborated with the German military government in the persecution of Jews: implementing antisemitic laws, deporting Jews to death camps, and handing over Jews to the Nazis. He was tried after the war for treason, convicted and sentenced to death; however, Charles de Gaulle commuted his sentence to life in prison.


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France, Trial, Petain



Marshal Henri Philippe Petain



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