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Front: Green border; two indecipherable circular hand stamps; typed text; hole punch at top right corner. Back: Typed text filling up entirety of back.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Postcard from Julius Janovitz from Slovakia to family member Izabela Janovitz, who had been a passenger on the ill-fated Pentcho and, having been on the island of Rhodes, under Italian control, quartered in a stadium, has by the time of this writing been moved, along with most of the passengers, to the Ferramonti di Tarsia internment camp.

Ferramonti, near Tarsia in Southern Italy, was the largest Italian concentration camp. Opened in June 1940, Ferramonti held almost 4000 Jewish prisoners, most of whom were refugees from Germany. It was neither a slave labor camp nor an extermination center along the lines of German and Polish camps. Indeed, inmates were treated well, and there were organized cultural activities, a library, and a synagogue. After Mussolini’s downfall in 1943, many internees at Ferramonti either joined the Allied war effort or were transferred to Camp Oswego in New York.


4 x 5 1/2"


Slovakia, Ferramonti-Tarsia, Italy, Zvolen, Julius Janovitz


Internment, Pentcho, Slovakia

Postcard from Slovakia to Ferramonti di Tarsia Internment Camp



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