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Front: Image of 'Musee militaire du Parc Carol a Bucarest' next to two postage stamps, one green with 'Posta Romana 1839-1939 and image of man and woman' other brown with profile of man. Back: Handwritten message.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Antisemitism in Romania prior to World War II was extreme, but escalated to mass murder once the war began. As in Germany, Romanian Jews were stripped of their civil rights. In January 1941, the Fascist Iron Guard Legionnaires attacked and laid waste to the Jewish Quarter of Bucharest. Thousands of Jews were slaughtered. The Romanians became an ally of the Nazis with the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The Romanian army under dictator Ion Antonescu, cooperating with Einsatzgruppe D, massacred over 100,000 Jews in Bessarabia and Bukovnia. As well, massacres occurred in the Western Ukraine and Odessa. Throughout the summer of 1942, survivors of the massacres in Bessarabia and Bukovnia were deported to death camps in Transnistria, where 120,000 perished from starvation, hypothermia, disease and murder. Antonescu himself ordered the execution of more than 35,000 Jews from Odessa during the siege. In all, approximately 400,000 Jews were murdered during Antonescu's dictatorship. Targu-Jiu was a concentration camp for political internees and Jews.


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Concentration, Filderman

Postcard from Romania



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