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Front: Black and white photograph of a quarry with house in upper left side and small groupings of people throughout. Back: No handwriting or postage stamp. Printed message in French and German the upper lefthand corner, with a place for a stamp in the upper lefthand corner.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Real photo postcard showing the infamous "stairs of death".many of the inmates at Mauthausen were worked to death in the granite quarry while receiving only starvation rations. Prisoners were divided into two groups: one that hacked the granite and the other that carried the 100 pound slabs up the 186 steep steps to the top of the quarry. Regardless of the real cause of death, for SS "doctors," "the official version was always euphemized to conceal the reality of "life" in this category three camp where prisoners were subject to "vernichtung durch arbeit" (extermination through work). For all prisoners life in Mauthausen meant "ruckkehr unerwunscht" (return not desired)."


4 x 5 2/3"


Mauthausen, Steps, Death, Quarry


1945 - Present: Post-Holocaust Commemoration & Revitalization: Displaced Person Camps; Refugees and Emigration; Postwar Trials; Israel Statehood

Stairs of Death' in the Mauthausen Quarry