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Front: Photo of a horse-drawn sled going through a snowy forest with a person bundled in black clothes riding the sled. Back: Left side is a message written in pencil. Right side has address written in pencil. Two handstamps, one blue stamp with Nazi eagle between the sides, one black stamp on right side. Right side, and some of left side, has a number of colorful pencil lines in pink, orange, blue, red, brown, yellow, orange, green, etc.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: . Police Battalion 303 was a military unit of the Nazi Order Police active in Kiev on September 29 and 30, 1941 and involved in the massacre of 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar. Babi Yar is considered one of the largest single massacres in the history of the Holocaust. It was carried out by Einsatzgruppen C, along with the aid of the SD and SS Police Battalions backed by local police. Oto Rasch commanded Einsatzgruppe C. The order to murder the Jews of Kiev was made by the military governor Kurt Eberhard and Friedrich Jeckeln, and implemented by Paul Blobel. The Jews, stripped of all clothing, were led into the ravine, ordered to lie down on top of those already killed and shot in the back of the head. In this way the bodies were stacked one upon the other in layers. At a later date, Blobel was tasked with obliterating all evidence of the murders.


5 1/4 x 3 1/4"


Snow, Horse, Winter, Reich, Stamp, Police, Battalion 303



Feldpost Postcard of a Winter Scene from Member of Police Battalion 303



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