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Front: White paper with message written in greyish ink.Back: Continuation of letter with a signature on the bottom.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Dear Mother!I just find the time to write a letter to you. We are still appointed where partisans and cliques carry out their nefarious deeds. The Russian tries to continue to fight in the back of the front. We push against with all rigor. One can not trust anybody. I talked with a Ukrainian and an ethnic German. 6,500 Jews had been killed in one day. They say that there are no more living Jews in occupied Russia. The people here in the Ukraine lived poorer than the poorest in Germany. Only the Jews had everything. The cliques have levelled complete villages to the ground. Just we alone found 120 killed in one village at Lemberg. Russia is terrifying. Up to 10 people live in a sinkhole, it is worse than a German pigpen. It is normal in Russia. These people are not human, but less than animals. One should exterminate them. Russia is dirt, misery, and mud and all the Russians are dirt and cattle. They live as pigs, eat like pigs and kill like beasts. They even kill little children, babies. Mother, if I would write down everything, you immediately would lose your belief in God. No human on earth can be as brutal as the Russian. They even eat and deal with human flesh. I saw this with my own eyes as humans from villages had been gutted! Dear mother, don't be worried anyway. We have everything under control and soon we will accomplish to release these poor humans and to exterminate the so called Soviet paradise to the last man. Write to father and Kurt that I am well and that they shouldn't be worried. I often think of you and our beloved Fatherland and soon, very soon I will be with you all again. Heil Hitler my Mother!Yours, Josef.


8 1/4 x 9 1/2"


warfront, Ukraine, Russia



Letter to Mother from Son on Warfront:“the Jews have everything”



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