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Image taken from behind Masha Bruskina as authorities tie a noose around her neck. Further information: Bruskina was a 17-year-old Jewish member of the Minski Resistance, and a volunteer nurse at the Polytechnic Institute Hospital. She was arrested by Lithuanian authorities, and hung as an example to other would-be rebels.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Maria "Masha" Bruskina was a 17-year-old Jewish member of the Minsk Resistance during World War II. A volunteer nurse at a hospital, she cared for wounded Russian soldiers and helped them escape by smuggling clothing and false documents. Betrayed by a patient, she was arrested by the Wehrmacht and Lithuanian auxiliary troops (Schutzmannshaft). German authorities, wishing to make an example of her, decided on a public hanging along with two other members of the resistance to occur on October 26, 1941. Masha was paraded through the streets with a plaque around her neck labelling her as a partisan before being executed. A monument to her has been erected in Israel.


3 6/8 x 2 1/2"


Hanging, Minski Resistance, Lithuania



The Hanging of Masha Bruskina



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