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Front: A caricature of a Jewish man with his right hand full of gold coins and a cane in his left. Includes a picture of Germany with communist symbols at his right and a yellow background.Back: Includes a message written in pencil and a green stamp.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

To further promote Nazi antisemitic objectives, a travelling exhibition named “Der Ewige Jude” ("The Eternal Jew") was created in 1937. It appeared in five cities during the following eighteen months. The exhibition depicted Jews - their clothes, facial characteristics, cultural items and art - in every conceivable negative and unfavorable way, and markedly “degenerate” in contrast to the Nazi aryan ideal. This postcard advertising the exhibition - in this case in Vienna - depicts a caricatured, unattractive image of a disheveled Jewish man against a yellow background clutching a knotted whip in his left hand with an inset map of the Soviet Union with red Communist hammer and sickle. In his outstretched right hand are gold coins. His eyes are closed against a secret he is hiding: the composite image represents a putative Jewish conspiracy for world domination. The two special cancellations on the back of the postcard commemorate the event.


5 7/8 x 4 1/8"


Antisemitic, Eternal, Jew



Der Ewige Jude [The Eternal Jew] Postcard



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