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Certificate, Marriage





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Tan paper with typewritten message in purple. Several corrections made in black ink. Two pasted stamps on bottom left, identical and on top of one another blue stamps with Nazi eagle and Swastika. Signed by A. Finkielsztajn on the right, with some writing in black beneath. Two circular hand stamps, one by the signature and one on the bottom. Another signature in pencil next to second hand stamp.

Document with pair of General Government revenue stamps and two different hand stamped insignias, one from a Jewish Committee in the town . Prior to the German occupation of Hrubieszow commencing mid-September 1939, there were approximately 12,000 Jews in the town. While pogroms occurred immediately, the Germans withdrew in acknowledgement of the pact between Russia and Germany. The Germans took over the town within two weeks and led 1000 Jews from Hrubieszow and 1100 from Chelm on a death march to the River Bug. In early 1940, 6000 Jews and refugees were confined to a ghetto. In June 1942, around the time of this marriage, 3000 Jews from the ghetto were deported to Sobibor death camp. The second deportation occurred 28 October 1942 and 2500 Jews were murdered in Sobibor.


11 3/4 x 8"


Finkielsztajn, Stamps, Reich Seal, General Gouvernment, Jewish Comittee, Hrubieszow, Chelm, River Bug, Ghetto, Sobibor, Poland


1941-1943: Deportation & Extermination: Concentration Camps and Extermination Centers

Marriage Document for Jews in Hrubieszow, Poland