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White Reich chancellery letterhead with typewritten message. Includes some writing in green, and a signature from Viktor Brack in black, as well as green and purple hand stamps.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Document on Reich chancellery letterhead, 1937 to Karl Wolff, signed by Viktor Brack, concerning assisting one Oberleutenant Behrens. Brack was a Nazi SS officer, a war criminal who organized the T-4 Euthanasia program and developed mass sterilization techniques. He was a chief planner of the organization and implementation of mass gassings. Initially the doctors in the T-4 program sterilized those deemed "Life Unworthy of Life"; later at least 15,000 were murdered at facilities such as Hadamar Hospital. He was convicted in the Doctor's Trial in Nuremberg in 1947 and subsequently executed at Landsberg Prison. He proposed to Himmler that three million Jews be selected for castration by high-dose x-ray to work as slaves for the Reich. Himmler approved the idea and ordered testing to commence at Auschwitz. The T-4 program evolved into Aktion T14f13, or Sonderbehandlung ("special treatment"), the murder of concentration camp inmates deemed unfit to work.


11 3/4 x 8 1/4"


Reich Seal, Oberleutenant Behrens, T-4 Euthanasia, Sterilization, Life Unworthy of Life, Hadamar Hospital, Nuremberg, Nuremburg, Trials, Landsberg Prison, Auschwitz, Aktion T14f13, Sonderbehandlung, Vikto Himmler, Brack, Wolff



Letter to Karl Wolff Signed by Viktor Brack



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