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Front: Tan paper with "Higher SS and Police Leader" letterhead in upper left corner, and typewritten message. Includes additional writing in pencil, as well as blue and red crayon, and date stamp in green.Back: Continuation of typewritten message, and signature in blue from Fritz Katzmann with his name printed in pencil beneath.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Fritz Katzmann (1906-1957). Typed letter signed by Katzmann on "Higher SS and Police Leader" letterhead. Danzig, January 3, 1943. Sent to Maximilian von Herff, Chief of SS Personnel Main Office. Katzmann reports on an SS-Standartfuhrer named Alfons Graf regarding the latter's promotion. Katzmann was an SS-Gruppenfuhrer and police leader who perpetrated genocide in Danzig, Lvov (Lemberg), and Galicia. He took part in the assassinations of the Night of the Long Knives. After the invasion of Poland, he established the Radom Ghetto. With the advent of Operation Barbarosa, he was transferred to Lvov, and was promoted to Brigadier General. He ordered the murder of approximately 60,000 Jewish men, women and children. In 1941, 80,000 Jews were relocated to the Ghetto he established in Lvov. A kindergarten had been set up for children who were all secretly murdered. In Galicia he ordered transports from Lvov to the Belzec extermination center. By the end of 1942, only 40,000 Jews remained in the Lvov Ghetto. In January 1943, another 15,000 Jews were murdered including members of the Judenrat. By the end of June 1943, the liquidation of another 140,000 Jews, and yet another promotion, Katzmann was able to declare that Galicia was Judenfrei. Transferred to Danzig, he was responsible for the liquidation of the Stutthof concentration camp and its sub-camps. After Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, Katzmann disappeared, escaping prosecution for his crimes, and living until 1957 in Darmstadt, apparently without having communicated his existence to his wife and five children.


11 3/4 x 8 1/4"


SS, Secret Police, Danzig, Lvov, Lamberg, Galicia, Night of the Long Knives, Radom, Ghetto, Belzec, Damstadt, Katzmann



Fritz Katzmann Letter



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