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Front: Tan paper with black printed text and dotted lines, filled in with blue cursive ink. Includes purple and black hand stamps on the top, and a long red line through the card.

Back: Printed black postcard lines and address. Includes blue writing on lefthand side, as well as purple, black and red hand stamps, a purple pasted stamp of Hitler in profile on top right, and pencil markings on the bottom of the page.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

RELICO card to Geneva, General Gouvernement 30 pfg tied Rzeszow cds, bearing small boxed Judenrat Reichshof along with Nazi censor. Rzeszow’s name was changed to Reichshof when it fell to Nazi occupation. Rzeszow's Jews maintained prominence in the cultural and economic life of the city for more than 400 years. They were businessmen and artisans, with a growing population into the twentieth century. With the German occupation in 1939, Jewish property was expropriated, evictions from apartments and homes occurred, businesses "aryanised." A Judenrat was organized, many more refugees from Western Poland arrived, forced labor occurred, and with the establishment of the ghetto in 1942, many thousands of Jews were murdered in the ghetto, along with the deportations that occurred to the Belzec death camp.


4 x 5 3/4"


Stamps, Comitée "Relico", Reich Seal, Rzeszow, Lvov, Poland, Relico, Belzec, Deportations, Geneva, Switzerland, Sira Steier


Ghettos, Rescue

Postcard from Rzeszow, Lvov District, Poland



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