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recto : photograph is lower right corner with raised stamp at lower right corner; ‘5218’ printed at top right corner; verso: green and blue dated handstamps from Exeter and Harwich.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

Helga Beck’s identification card accompanied her on her journey from Vienna to England in 1939. Helga’s journey to the UK with the Kindertransport occurred six months after the Kristallnacht pogrom in Austria. The information on the card is as follows: Recto: “THIS DOCUMENT REQUIRES NO VISA” - in other words, it serves as passport and visa for purposes of the Kindertransport to England. It provides her name, sex, place of birth, and names and place of residence of her parents: Vienna, Austria. Verso: two hand-stamped seals: Exeter City Police, 3 November 1945 with alien registration number. Also included: permission to land in Harwich 15 May 1939, an accompanying photo of Helga, and the stamp of passport control. Her number at top right: 5218.


5 x 8"


Helga Beck, Harwich, Vienna


Kindertransport, Material

ID Issued to Ten-Year-Old Member of the Kindertransport Helga Beck from Vienna, Austria for Admission to Harwich, UK



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