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Front: Black and white photograph of a large ship surrounded by smaller boats in water. To the left of it is a harbor where people stand and look at the large boat. Back: Large stamp with an eagle. Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: The St. Louis (The Voyage of the Damned) had anchored 12 miles out, and now is escorted by Cuban government boats toward the open sea. Her captain Gustav Schroeder, fears mass suicides from the beleaguered passengers. Cuba having initially refused to allow the refugees to debark, ultimately consented to allow only passengers to enter with valid Cuban visas. Only 22 passengers met this standard; moreover, efforts of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his cabinet, as well as the "Joint," the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committtee, were not successful in persuading Cuba to accept the refugees. Captain Schroeder, a non-Jewish German, tried desperately to find safe haven for the remaining passengers. The U.K., Belgium, France, and the Netherlands each agreed to take some of the passengers; however, when Nazis overran Europe the following year, and all Jews were placed at risk, including the passengers of the St. Louis. Approximately 254 passengers of the MS St. Louis lost their lives in the Holocaust.


7 x 11"


Boat, Ship, International News Photos, St. Louis, Voyage of the Damned, Cuba, AJDC, American Joint Distribution Committee, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Gustav Schroeder, Franklin D. Roosevelt

MS St. Louis in Havana Harbor, Cuba



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